Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend in PA

What an "action-packed" weekend for Owen, with a lot of "firsts."
We travelled to State College, PA where Owen met, for the first time, great-Grandma Zischke and Great Aunt Donna & Uncle Barry.

We decided to fly, rather than push our luck with an 8 hour car ride. Owen did great on the plane. He slept for most of the flight both there and back.

We had such a wonderful time and got lots of great pictures. Owen kept us all entertained, especially when he decided to pull himself up and over the coffee table! See the video below.
We also took Owen in the hotel swimming pool, he's first time in a pool. We didn't have the pictures on our camera but I'll post them soon!

Owen & Mommy on the plane.

Owen & GG Zischke

Four generations of "Zischke" women plus Owen!
(Mommy, Grandma Z, GG Zischke & Aunt Donna)

The "true" four generations
(Daddy, GG Zischke, Grandpa Z)

Owen realizing he could pull himself over the table to retrieve toys!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We love Spring!

Now that it's warming up, we go outside every chance we get. Owen really likes driving around in his little car and watching the real cars drive down the street.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Standing Tall

Owen is standing all the time and walking along the furniture. He really is only interested in playing and doing stuff where he can stand. He really likes to look out the window and walk with his dump truck.
I attempted to add a video clip to this post (see below). Hopefully it works!


Owen's no dummy . . . he knows where the good stuff is!! We can't leave him alone for a second.