Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's Play Catch-Up!

Two months without a blog post!  Unthinkable!!  Turns out chasing after an almost 3-year old & being in your 3rd trimester is a little exhausting.  Basic house cleaning & naps have become the priority with little time for much else!
However, Owen deserves a few more posts before the blog is taken over by the baby!
Here's what he's been up to . . .

Playing with Play-doh

Doing crossword puzzles with Dad (such serious concentration!)

Finding all the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid . . .

. . . then devouring the candy in record time
Coloring with markers, not always on the paper!
Going to Greenfield Village to see Thomas the train!

Playing trains at home . . . trains have become valuable prizes for going #2 on the potty!

Hanging out at the Brighton fire station with REAL firemen, so cool!

Owen loves going outside and playing.  He'll be getting a swingset in the backyard soon, his birthday present from Mommy & Daddy.  We had an "early" party to celebrate his birthday before the baby comes.  It was a fun time & I think he really enjoyed it.  Owen's been doing really well with going potty & we're very proud of him.  It took a while but I think he's really getting it now.  That's the news for now, 11 more days until Owen's a big brother!