Monday, April 20, 2009

Owen's Easter

Here's our pictures from Easter, better late than never! It's a long post with many pictures, so please enjoy, don't know when we'll post again.*

Owen looked so cute in his Easter outfit! I'm taking full advantage of the few years I have where he'll wear whatever I pick out! God knows Jon would never let me buy him a matching sweater vest and dress shirt!

We went to brunch with my family on Easter morning at Walnut Creek. A local farm had set up a small "petting farm" at the country club for the kids enjoy. We had a hard time tearing Owen away from the animals!

At home opening the eggs that the Easter bunny left.

New outfit, hand picked by Mom!

The ducks were a favorite . . .

. . . so was the mini-goat . . .

. . . and the one-eyed horse.

"Here Jalen, give me your hand. Seriously, they don't bite!"

Owen's favorite part of the meal; ice cream with M&Ms

Jalen's favorite part; Rice Krispie treat.
These boys love their sweets!

Required family holiday photo.
* Posting may be sparse for the near future. As many of you have heard, we will be moving in the next couple of months so things are busy! Not only that, but our digital camera is broken, so there will be no new pictures to upload for awhile! I'd like to say it was Owen's fault but the camera was working before I carried it around in my purse for a couple days :(

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Football Training

It's never too early to introduce sports in a young boy's life. Here's a few pictures from a football practice we had with Owen! I think it's a little soon to be calling Rich Rod (as you'll see in the video)!

Slipped right through the hands!

Good form but the ball placement needs some work.

Just a quick video, but watch at the end when Owen tries to use his head to kick the ball!

A funny story . . . . yesterday Jon & I were giving Owen his bath. I forget what Jon was trying to make Owen do but he wasn't listening. So, Jon said to Owen, "Whose in charge here, Dad or Owen?" To which Owen looked at him and replied, "Ma-Ma!" So true! He knows who the boss is!