Friday, March 27, 2009

He makes me laugh!

So, today we need to leave and do a few errands. I put Owen on the washing machine, turn around to get his coat & shoes, turn back around to put on the shoes and this is what I see!

How can you not laugh at this kid?!

Wolverine Basketball

This post is a little out-dated . . . Owen got to stay up a little past bedtime to watch the Wolverines in their first-round play-off game!

We did bath a little early and put on the maize & blue PJs for good luck.

He cheered for every basket, even the ones for the other team.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Being Silly

Owen has been on a goofy streak lately. Seems like every day he does something silly. The other day I was getting him dressed and he kept pointing at the crib. So I said "are you still tired?" and put him in there. I figured he would just cry and want out, but he started rolling around and pretending to "sleep", laughing the whole time of course. I only got a few pictures before the game was over!

He sleeps with these two blankets every night; one made by Aunt Diana and the other by Sarah and Aunt Ellie. In addition, his dog Bernie from Great-Grandma Zischke and Mickey Mouse usually join the party. Before sleeping he usually makes sure he has all his things and lets you know if one is missing!