Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Daddy . . .

Hi Da-Da! How's Mexico? We miss you at home. Mommy is fine but she doesn't wrestle as good as you. This is what I have been up to since you've been gone.
- Climbing on things
- Making a sticky, gooey mess while eating
- Driving to Chicago
- Going to cousin Jim's wedding
- Climbing on things
- Making a sticky, gooey mess while eating
- Going to the dairy farm & petting cows
- Eating Flavor Ice
- Playing outside
- Climbing on things
- Playing with Ben & Leah
- Making a sticky, gooey mess while eating
- Drooling
- Playing hide-and-seek

Here's some pictures too! Hurry home.
Love, Owen

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cougar Party

A couple weekends ago we had a big AAU basketball reunion. I've been friends with these girls for about 17 years!! It is always such a blast to hang out with everyone. Now that we have our own kids a new generation of basketball players is being created. We already have a starting five (I'm positive Leah can hang with the boys!)

Back Row: Nat, Kelly w/Leah & Ben, Tika, Anne & MJ
Front Row: Aubri w/Braeden, Me w/Owen & Jenna w/Noah

Best of luck to the Farrs, who are moving to Texas!

Lunch Time

Lunch & dinner have been a little bit of a struggle lately. Since he has started eating solid food, Owen definitely knows what he likes. It changes every day. He'll eat sandwiches only if Jon makes them and apparently watermelon is a favorite!
This is the same kid that loved carrots and green beans in the jar. Now he won't even touch them. We're really working on it.