Monday, November 15, 2010

What's New with Justin

A long overdue post . . . the past several months have been busy for Justin.  Here's a quick re-cap
Justin was baptized on Sept. 26th.  Two of my cousins, Lindsay Hill & Greg Keller are Justin's godparents.  We had a really nice day and enjoyed sharing this special event with everyone.

Happy guy on the way to church

Family photo at Justin's baptism

We love that Justin is so interactive now.  He loves to smile & laugh when we talk to him.  He is also grabbing for things & always wants to hold something, usually so it can go in his mouth!!  Justin sits really well in the Bumbo chair.  We've used it in the bath tub too.

He will hate me for this picture when he's older!

Justin definitely loves tummy time, he will immediately roll to his stomach when we put him down on his back!

What a face!

Love this smile!

Owen loves playing with Justin
Owen giving Justin a "horsey ride"

Justin can't play trains yet, but he can wear the hat
Justin was a wolf for Halloween
Justin has started eating baby cereal.  So far oatmeal is preferred over rice.  Though he likes it, Justin isn't the fastest eater.  He would rather look around & put his hands in his mouth & laugh!
Stay tuned for "What's New with Owen" . . .