Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little Bit Obsessive Compulsive

I realize that when both your parents are engineers you may be pre-disposed to some analytical tendencies.
Lately, Owen has been a little obsessive compulsive with his books.

- ALL the books must be in a pile before we start reading.  By all, I mean ALL, every book we own.  He collects them from upstairs & downstairs for the pile.
- After we read one it goes in a separate pile.
- Knocking over the pile can cause a meltdown
- Owen will straighten the piles if they aren't just right
- Several times a day all the books are taken either upstairs or downstairs depending on where he wants to read.

I would never discourage Owen from reading, I think it's great that he loves it so much.  But seriously we've had enough of these piles and the constant moving of books!  I'm sure both sets of grandparents are laughing and thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Like I said, when both your parents are engineers . . . it's really not your fault! 

Future Coffee Lover

Owen has enjoyed a few glasses of hot chocolate this winter.  He really likes drinking out of Mommy & Daddy's coffee cups.  He looks like a natural with a mug in his hand!