Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 Silly Monkeys

So yesterday I was goofing around with Owen & I kept calling him different animals.  He was getting frustrated that I wasn't calling him "Owen" so he looks at me and screams
"I'M NOT AN ANIMAL.  I'M A PER-SON!!"  I about peed my pants laughing . . . fast forward to the evening when I'm going through the last several months of pictures, getting ready for a big order.  I came across this series of photos from the farm back in May.  We were trying to get a nice picture of the 5 boys all sitting together.  It was seriously like trying to tame 5 monkeys all at the same time!  Enjoy the commentary.

Justin: "YES! I'm by Ben"
Ben: "Seriously, I can't get away from this kid.  His behavior is horrible."
Adam: "If I fall, how many stitches will I need this time?"
No kids looking at the camera.


Justin:  "I'll pretend to be good."
Ben:  "Mom? Dad? Help?"
Adam: "This guy could totally catch me if I fall"
Again no one looking at the camera

Owen:  "I can't watch"
Ben: "Uh-oh here it comes"
Adam: "The cement looks harder than the coffee table.  I shouldn't risk it."

Justin: "I have a question, why did I get moved?"
Ben: "This guy looks ok.  He hasn't hit me yet."
Still no one looking

Justin:  "That's ok, I'll just torment my brother"
Ben:  "Uh-oh that green shirt guy is raising his hand now"
Adam & Noah half looking

Justin:  "Got his ear"
Ben:  Super happy with his seat now, green shirt boy is harmless
1 or 2 kids looking, only 1 smile so far

Owen:  "MOM!"
3 of 5 looking, 2 smiles, might be as good as it gets!


Shanna said...

That is hilarious! Nice commentary : )

Kristen said...

Love it....and so true! I think between all of us we have 40 pictures of this scene, but none with all 5 kids looking. And next time there will be 6 little monkeys!